Panward Hemmanee

Friday, July 18, 2014

Model : Panward Hemmanee
Nickname : Pei
Date of Birth : 22 December 1979
Race : Thai
Height : 166 cm.
Occupations : Actress

Panward Hemmanee, nicknamed “Pei” back in her homeland of Thailand. Pei is an upcoming TV drama actress that has been featured on numerous magazine covers including the likes of VOLUME and MARS magazine. This 5′5″ Thai beauty landed on our Ultimate Asian Hotties List and I’m sure there’s no question why.
Panward who? Panward Hemmanee. You know, the pretty Thai model and actress who co stars with Nicolas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous. Ah, the Panward Hemmanee! Yes!

It's two different world's for Thai actress Panward Hemmanee. In one - Thailand - she's well known, but in the other - the US - where people don't recognize her and find it hard to remember her name, she's not. But it's likely not going to be for long now that she's starring in Bangkok Dangerous with superstar Nicolas Cage.

Also, once you see Panward Hemmanee's sexy photos, you'll likely ask for more of her. After this movie, it's also likely she'll be cast in more Hollywood films.

Bangkok Dangerous also stars Hong Kong actress Charlie Leung (below). Charlie strangely resembles Panward and the two are often confused as is the case in some sites that show their pictures (this blog included). But all's right now.

 Panward Hemmanee Hot Photo Gallery

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